Footloose in the Labyrinth – 10/16/18

Hi Footloosers,

Going over my desktop I came across this happy memory of a hike with took from Land’s End with Michael. Between “Land’s End” and “The Labyrinth” there was plenty of symbolism to go around for our current stretch of time. It was a sunny day of camaraderie with lunch along the Golden Gate enjoying a sea breeze along with breezy conversation. I loved the energy we took to labyrinthing, friends together in this as we made our way step by step following the lines and “signs” circling to our destination. There was even a cameo appearance of brown pelicans at the end that gave a neat reprise of Daedalus and Icarus. We emerged from our “ordeal” or was it a meditation with smiles on our faces.

Hugs and Hurrahs,


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