Footloose Spring 2016 – Finale Potluck at Michael’s Casa – 6/13/16

Hi Everyone,

Many thanks for your warm welcome back which Pat and I much cherished and appreciated. It was amazing to be back on the inside looking out rather than the other way round. Your kindness and caring from Michael through the group of our Footloose friends was felt throughout my recovery time like a helping hand up through a rough place on the trail. It’s been like a protracted trip with lots of holds and downtime at the airport.

Last Monday’s hike/walk to Luther Burbank’s Home and Garden along with the delicious potluck with so many tasty choices was great finale. I know you’re always supposed to “leave them hungry” so they come back but we all left full and happy especially with the fresh peach ice cream dessert ala Scott and Barbara Now we really want to come back! Lew & Pat

Here’s a short Vimeo slide show remembering some of these moments we all enjoyed. The music called “Jersey Bounce” is by the Warren Greig Trio.


We’re gathering in Michael’s expansive, new backyard complete with snooker table and frisky cacti. His great new house on Slater Avenue is in a Santa Rosa Historic District full of unique homes safely before the ranch style – from the 19th and early 20th century. We walked by the nearby Cherry Street Historic district on our hike to Luther Burbank Gardens:


One of the Dol hareubang volcanic rock statues from Jeju Island on the southern tip of Korea where Santa Rosa’s sister city of Bukjeju is located.
The carved basalt figures were a gift to Santa Rosa in 2003. The “Stone Grandfathers” are 8 feet tall and specialize in protection from danger and by rubbing their noses, fertility.


Just down from the Dol hareubang statues is the Luther Burbank House, greenhouse and garden. Arriving in Santa Rosa, California in 1875,Burbank was an early enthusiast: “I firmly believe, from what I have seen, that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as Nature is concerned.”


A stop at Porto Bello Hats (or maybe “Persona Nueva Hats”) on the way back was just perfect. Most of us wear practical hats on the hikes but hats can be so much more. When you look at pictures of folks in the early 20th Century there is hardly a bare head to be seen. Here is a scene from the Atlantic City Boardwalk in 1905.
From the stand point of men’s hats, Robert Krulwich wrote an intriguing article for NPR:

Memories of Dr. Seuss’s doffed tributes in “The Cat in the Hat” and “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins”


Michael avec des chapeaux –


A Porch with a View

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