North Beach Romp with Ruby – 10 August 2015

Many thanks to Ruby Petersen Unger for Monday’s terrific walk . . . hike around vintage North Beach and to Kit for sharing it so generously with us.
A Vimeo video is at the bottom.

Ruby has worn and wears many hats but maybe none so special as this one doffing to the Rainbow Trout. Ruby does tours for special causes and Kit won this tour for us at a charity auction. Among her other roles, Ruby was one of the hosts, Ms. Nancy, on Romper Room that remarkable and enduring children’s TV program that ran from 1953 to 1994.’s_television_series_(United_States):_All

She shared some of the details of various architectural styles and the growth of San Francisco as we gathered in Washington Square, North Beach.

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe had some wedding photos taken on the outside steps here after a civil service at San Francisco’s City Hall, January 14, 1954.,_San_Francisco
and a little sustenance along the way –

What is this all about? Done at Grant Avenue and Filbert in 2002 at a “.. public casting event at Upper Grant Ave. Fall Fair” by Daniel Macchiarini, sculptor and artist. His website presents a really impressive list of his work including a sculpture at Burning Man in 2000. His father Peter was also a sculptor who worked under Beniamino Bufano and Ralph Stackpole.

Then the next cool discovery was finding the site for the Telegraph Hill Dwellers which has a treasure box of material about the area. I loved the “Neighborhood History” part in this link:

Another part on this site was the link to SEMAPHORE which is locally produced newspaper/magazine that goes back to the beginnings of the Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD) in 1956 and continuing to 2012 – not sure if it is still being produced. But in Spring 2004 edition there was a specific reference to the footplate/plaque. If you scroll down to page 20 there are some fascinating details all about it. Hint: the beginnings of a famous San Francisco bookstore. Semaphore_10-2004.pdf
We’ve just walked by Mama’s and the Liguria Bakery:

San Francisco skyline hardened by fence but softened with fennel . . .

Waiting in line to see the restored tower murals on the stairs . . .

Ruby pointed out that there are calculated themes in the murals, stories to follow and appreciate. Here we have a terrible crash with casualties and just above the accident scene is a bank and the Pacific Stock Exchange making reference to the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Bravo for Labor Day and the union label.

Ruby is talking about Alfred Hitchcock’s film DARK PASSAGE which had scenes shot here at 1360 Montgomery Street

On one side of 1360 Montgomery an art deco tribute to the Western Span of the Bay Bridge complete with Bougainvillea – it’s not all about the Golden Gate.

Pyramid with wings or maybe fins – inspired by Ruby’s hat.

New Original Joes for lunch:

Roz’s write-home-about tennies.

The “red brick colored” building is Garfield School: (neat video on this site that goes well with the romps)
“Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter.” James A. Garfield

From the top of the parking garage you can see almost forever but for sure to Oakland and Alameda.

and a VIMEO VIDEO of our walk together:

P.S. Here are a few links to our stroll down and up the Filbert Steps – the “other” side of Telegraph Hill.

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