Muddy Hollow Adventure – 15 March 2012

Nice plan to get the Muddy Hollow Hike in before Tuesday’s rain, no doubt the trail would be living up to its name by now. Michael had many quite wonderful asides as we looked for animals and at plants along the way. It seemed with a name like Muddy Hollow that we’d be running into Christopher Robin during the day. But a neat consolation prize was seeing a number of ospreys bearing gifts, fish face forward as they went back to their nests. Lots of wild flowers along the way. There was a protected quality to the trail and a sense of quietness as Michael called our attention to various bird calls with the deep undercurrent of the ocean waves hitting the beach in the background – sounds and sighting are used in bird migration. Neat background on bird colors and the iridescence of feathers and why wingtips are often black, on Mugwort Indian pillows – medicinally & their dream making ability, on keeping away from stinging nettle, on ectotherms and endotherms, on feral Tule Elk who swam across the Estero to start their own colony by Drake’s beach, on fat storage in lizard tales which led to the intriguing aside about Steatopygia and finally on some lovely diminutive Crassula connate or sand Pygmy weed. Lew

Quite a contrast from our Tam top views last week, the hollow had a sense of quietness and intimacy

Explication with hats

Close and personal with the Crassula connate cf. Michael’s other email

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