15 iPhotos – The Mycopia Tour with Bob Engel – 11 December 2011

Thanks Michael for arranging that remarkable mushroom walkabout. I’d been expecting cold, dark caves with plenty of manure – nothing like that. Mr. Engel was a great tour guide with lots of fascinating information and was great at fielding questions. And we were all there to appreciate it and dream about new recipes with Forest Namekos, Trumpet Royales, Nebrodini Biancos and all the rest. Lew

P.S. The Mycopia website is well done. You’ll like this video of the production process. Don’t be scared off by the title i.e. Automated Specialty Mushroom Equipment. http://www.mycopia.com/consulting-equipment.htm

P.P.S While most of the mushrooms are raised for culinary purposes, a percentage are grown for Neutraceuticals:

P1040663 The product line all organically grown

P1040664 – Vineyard at Merry Edwards Winery next to Mycopia. Robust growth with the use of mushroom compost.

P1040669 – Autoclave sterilizes the plastic bottles filled with “forest floor” growth material. Basic ingredient is oak sawdust from barrels and other sources.

P1040676 – Bob showing the growth pattern in one of the bottles which can be used again and again.

P1040678 – Clean room for part of the operation

P1040681 – Growth process showing up in the bottles.

P1040682 – A market shipping bag. Bob said that this is a special porous plastic bag and that we should store mushrooms in our refrigerators in paper bags. Only wash the mushrooms when you are about to cook with them.

P1040688 – The joy of a job well done.

P1040691 -The Trumpet Royales were so photogenic.

P1040694 Quite mesmerizing

P1040701 – Bob about to “harvest” some T. Royales with some

P1040712 Maitake Frondosas watching in the background.

P1040715 – Packaging supervised by a guy in a Greek fisherman’s cap.

P1040716 – One of their products ready for market

P1040721 – Can’t quite see that fine print but mycology beckons.

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